Evi Barefoot

Inspired by the slow paced and soulful life style of the Mediterraneans, Evi tries to capture the timelessness that weaves itself through contemporary Greece. Often referring to its ancient roots, with hints towards the classical world of myths and the nostalgic atmosphere of a vintage era, she creates images which celebrate the universal art of simplicity in every day life.

With a deep love and interest for folk art and outsider art from various cultures and times, Evi is always steering towards a straight forward and naive approach when painting and making. The visibility of the brush strokes, the flaws and imperfections are tools to seek balance between finished and unpolished, aiming for relatable yet layered works of art.  

Evi Barefoot (b. Netherlands, 1983 - ed. BA of fine arts Amsterdam 2009) is currently living and working in Greece  

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